About CozyCats Cattery

We are a family run cattery that makes a priority of providing a caring environment for your cats while they are in our care. All of CozyCat's staff are cat lovers and cat owners; we have five cats of our own.

We only board cats and only have cats as our own pets.

The chalets are in a quiet garden setting with ample off road parking for you when you deliver and collect your cat. It may be possible for us to collect and/or deliver but a small charge would be made for the service and this must be discussed and arranged at the time of booking.

We are fully licensed by North Herts District Council and we are supporters of North Herts Cats Protection.

All chalets have their own separate exercise and sleeping areas. They have open outlooks, are totally secure and are fully protected from the weather with individually heated beds for the colder months. They even have background music but sorry we can't cater for individual requests. Only cats from the same family and with that family's permission will share a chalet.

We welcome viewings and especially the complimentary comments we get from viewers but please contact us and arrange it in advance.

Our prices are all inclusive with no nasty hidden extras.

All residents will get their cuddles and attention in addition to their choice of diet of wet and/or dried food. If we haven't already got the food you require, we will get it.

We can administer medication and we do not charge extra.

We don't offer a grooming service but we will groom a resident if it is needed so that when you return they are in the condition you would expect.

If a medical problem should occur during your cat's stay with us we would normally use your cat's usual vet where possible but our involvement with Cats Protection means we have regular contact with a number of vets in the area should an emergency occur.

All residents are provided with comprehensive pet insurance while in our care and up to 72 hours after leaving us, although not include any pre existing condition.

All we ask is that your cat is vaccinated and neutered or speyed. Also that they have been treated for fleas and worms within two to three weeks before their stay with us and while we can cope with the odd sulk or tantrum we would not expect a cat to be unmanageable or disruptive to other cats in our care.

A few checks and tips before you bring your cat to us:

  1. We recommend you use a purpose made pet carrier suitable to the size and/ or number of cats you are transporting. Cardboard carriers are not ideal particularly if they get wet from any little accident on the way. We sometimes have perfectly usable used carriers available, the proceeds go to Cats Protection (please ask)
  2. Please don't feed your cat immediately prior to travel. When we settle them in they will be given fresh food and water and it is better they travel on an empty stomach and avoid those little accidents that will probably upset you more than them.
  3. Do bring some bedding that the cat has been using that will have familiar smells i.e. not freshly laundered, as it helps them to settle in if their bedding smells of home. Please do not put it in the carrier because if they do have a little accident it cannot then be used until it has been laundered. Line the carrier with newspaper including up the sides then any accidents can be quickly cleared up on arrival.
  4. Don't forget your vaccination certificates we need to see them and you can either take them back home with you or leave them with us for collection when you collect your cat.
  5. Don't forget any medication or special dietary food.
  6. And finally if your cat has a favourite play thing or scratching post, (sorry but our runs aren't big enough to bring the sofa), please bring them as again it can help them adjust to the change in surrounding
  7. If you have any other questions please ask.